Auntie's Kid's
Sept 2001 - June 2002

Snow Fort - September 14, 2001

September 17, 2001

Garrett, entertaining the troup with his new laptop computer.

Oct 26, 2001

A 4 Year Old's Birthday

Tuffy looks to Auntie to save his drinking dish!
Hey puppy!
There's water in your dish.

October 29, 2001

Adventures Of A 1 Year Old

Feels gooood


I can't resist

One BIG splash

Opps..... I fell in!

October 31 - Halloween

November 30 - Hot Tub

December 21, 2001

January 04, 2002

February 8, 2002

It wasn't as cold outside as last time which made getting from the house to the tub a little easier.
Poor Tuffy contiplated joining the kids, but didn't want to get his coat wet.

June 28 - Last day before Summer Break