Mexico: Fun Facts & Crafts for Kids

Whether you plan to visit Mexico soon or you just want to learn more about this country, studying Mexico can be fascinating. Mexico has a rich history that includes the rise and fall of different empires and civilizations. The country itself has a variety of different types of regions, including beaches, mountains, and canyons. Delve into Mexican culture by learning about the history, language, and people of this country. Even craft projects can be an enjoyable way to learn about Mexico and the people who live there.

Craft Ideas

Maria Hastings provides a comprehensive list of websites to visit for craft ideas for children.

Educational Links

Explore educational links compiled by Dr. Ronald Lehrer. Teachers can use this information when creating lesson plans for students.

May Links

The month of May contains many different events that students may like to observe and celebrate.

Craft Information

Girl Scout crafting can include activities such as making a wood planter box or origami flowers.

3W: Mrs Warr at Christchurch C.P. School

A teacher provides classroom information for students and parents who are a part of this classroom.

Prepare to Rent in Mexico With Information About the Culture of the Spanish-Speaking World

Explore Spanish website links included in this list of resources.

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends

The Hall of Mentors includes informational links for students to use to learn about a variety of subjects.

Useful Links

Students learning to speak Spanish can use these website links to learn vocabulary and Spanish history.

Educational Links About Mexico Vacation Rentals and More

Anyone studying genealogy that centers on Mexico can gain valuable information from websites included in this resource page.

Mexico Vacation Rentals: Rocky Point Bike Rally 2007

Motorcycle enthusiasts convened in Puerto Penasco for the seventh Rocky Point Rally. The event was held during Veterans Day weekend in 2007.

Rent in Mexico at San Carlos Condos

Book a vacation in San Carlos condos. This quaint beach town sits about four hours south of Nogales, Arizona.

Rocky Point Revisited: Mexico Vacation Rentals in Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco, Mexico, offers numerous vacation delights. Tourists can enjoy beach-combing, watching wildlife, and fishing excursions.

Sea Side Mexico Vacation Rentals

Sea Side Reservations can assist tourists with travel plans to a variety of destinations in Mexico.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico Vacation Rentals

Puerto Penasco, also called Rocky Point, is a popular Mexico destination for vacationers.

Rent in Mexico, Then Visit Aunt Chilada's Restaurant

People who like Mexican cuisine often enjoy eating at Aunt Chilada's Restaurant, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jocks and Geeks Travel to Cancun

Students from Greenville College traveled to Cancun on a service mission to assist local residents.

Selling Mexico and Modernity Through Tourism

Explore the history of Mexico as it decided to use tourism as a means of achieving modernization and ongoing economic development.

Tourism Development in Cancun, Mexico: An Analysis of State-Directed Tourism Initiatives in a Developing Nation

Cancun has been successful in developing a strong tourism industry, attracting many vacationers to this destination.

A New Dawn

The Yucatan Peninsula offers tourists the opportunity to explore Mayan pyramids.

KU IGERT Trainees Travel to Cancun for COP16

Some students from the University of Kansas attended COP16 in Copenhagen, which was held in December of 2009.

Volunteer Vacation

Students from the University of Michigan visited Cancun during spring break to perform volunteer work.

Traveling to Mexico

The United States government offers travelers guidelines and information when traveling to Mexico.

Immigration on the U.S.-Mexican Border

Students from Gettysburg College researched immigration along the U.S./Mexican border by taking a trip to cities located along the border.

Writing the Journey

A student compares two different books about Mexican tourism, both written during the 1930s.

SIMS Mexico Mission Weekend

SIMS teams associated with Loma Linda University had been actively visiting Mexico to perform volunteer services.

Travel Services and Information

Case Western Reserve University offers information about lodging and travel services on this Web page.

Mexico's Copper Canyon Round-Trip Train

Touring Mexico's Copper Canyon by rail is an enjoyable way to see this rugged and beautiful countryside.

Visiting Mexico

The Wise Travel Agency offers information about visiting Mexico destinations.

Mexico Tourism Secretary's Advice to Fuqua MBA Students: "Focus on Your Assets"

Explore the guidance that Fuqua School of Business students received from Mexico's Tourism Secretary about focusing on their assets.

The Cancun Agreements on Climate Change

A meeting in Cancun was held to discuss climate change and measures that could help to protect the environment.


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