Shortly after moving into our second home, we took a drive to visit a friend living on a local acreage. We got the "grand tour" which included a shed with their dog and her litter of 8-week-old puppies. One little black ball of fluff, you couldn't really tell which end was which until it wagged its' stub of a tail, crawled out of the box and right into my wife's lap. Seconds later, the puppy is cuddled up under her chin, licking her for all she's worth. Like Misty and Patches, this was the runt of the litter and the only one that didn't have a home to go to, so . . .  Blackie, a Cock-a-Poo, came home with us. Halfway home we began to wonder how Misty and Patches would react to this interloper.

As usual, Patches and Misty greeted us at the back door. They were very curious about the little black bundle under my wife's coat. We set Blackie down and waited to see what would happen. We were soon doubled over with laughter as we watched little female Patches grab the puppy, already bigger than she was, by the scruff of its' neck and try to drag it up the back stairs!  Misty, the male, just ran around in circles, prodding at them both and trying to figure out how he could help. After that the three were inseparable. They ate, played and even slept together, all curled up into one big ball in the cat bed. When Blackie got older and outgrew both cats, she still knew her place. It was hilarious to watch the cats stand up on their hind feet to box Blackie's ears when she stepped out of line. Funnier still was to watch the antics of all three when they napped with my wife. She would curl up on the sofa and they each had "their" spot. Patches would curl up under her chin, Blackie behind her knees and Misty next to her tummy. All was peaceful until somebody decided to move. The scrambling and scurrying that went on accompanied by fits of indignation if a tail should accidentally get pinched or a paw end up in someone's face was priceless.

Blackie now waits at the Rainbow Bridge

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