Brady and Sweet Pea are two rescued cockatiels from separate families which now live happily together. Brady was acquired from an owner who had become frustrated with trying to tame him and whose wife was afraid of birds and handled him with a stick. Sweet Pea was acquired later and had been hand raised but given to a little girl who poked at him with sticks until he bit her and was banished to a cage in a lonely, dark, spare bedroom.

Both birds are still wary of people and avoid anyone getting too close. Neither like being handled so instead of forcing ourselves on them we let them have run of the house without interference and they keep each other company.

They show signs that they want, but just can't quite bring themselves, to once again trust people.  Sometimes, when we eat pop corn, Brady will overcome his fears and land nearby in the hope that we will share with him. They keep to the kitchen and family room, but occasionally one or both of them will become lost after wandering into a strange room. They are then easily approached, willing to be rescued, and quite happy to hop onto and perch on one's hand or shoulder. However, as soon as they get a glimpse of familiar territory they take flight to quickly return to where they once again feel safe and are content to simply observe us from a distance.

Sweet Pea passed on to the Rainbow Bridge September 25, 2001

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