Aug 29/99

(one of my daughter's collection)
Buns in his cage

July 6/99    July 6/99

Buns favorite toyMay 16, 1999April 2, 2002
April 2, 2002

Buns was a year old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit my daughter received from her cousin that decided she would rather have a kitten then a bunny.

Buns small size made him a perfect match for Cinnamon who needed a new friend after losing his brother Streak.

Buns is a typical rabbit, always trying to get into things and chewing what he isn't supposed to.

Oct 10, 2002Oct 10, 2002Oct 10, 2002
For a period, poor buns had a condition called 'head-tilt' which caused him to be off balance
and want to view the world upside down.

Aug 29/99

Tuffy likes to sneak into and raid food from unattended cages. Buns must have decided to teach him a lesson and stand guard to insure he doesn't escape until he has learned his lesson.

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