BuddyHow do they do it?

How do they know where to go?

And how do they know how to get there?

August 3, 2001, another abandoned animal found his way to the zoo and this one was even smart enough to get a neighbour to drive him here. The neighbour, after seeing him wandering and dodging cars on the freeway, stopped to lead him off the freeway and to check for tags so the owner could be notified. When she opened her door he jumped in and refused to get out of the car so she had no choice but to return home with him. It was Friday evening of a long weekend and animal agencies were closed, except for emergencies, and unable to pick up the stray dog until Tuesday. The police told her she had two choices, either keep the dog until Tuesday or turn him loose on the freeway again. Besides being irresponsible to turn him loose on the freeway again, he would require water to survive the next 4 days in the very hot weather we were having. Unable to care for him, she asked if there was room at the zoo until Tuesday. We had no problem with caring for an additional creature as long as he and our dog, Tuffy, got along. With only one way to find out we introduced the two and waited.

The next several minutes were interesting. Tuffy is usually wary of other dogs, especially ones larger then himself, but Tuffy surprised us and without hesitation approached the stranger. It soon became evident that Tuffy somehow knew that this stranger had been abandoned, was lost, and remembering his past knew how scared this visitor was and how bad this terrible experience felt. Tuffy laid his head on the visitor and appeared to be consoling and reassuring him that everything was going to be ok. Tuffy even offered and shared his favorite toys with the stranger.

Tuffy and Buddy - Aug 9/2001

Tuffy's new friend had no collar, tattoo or ID chip. His description was given to the animal shelter, but no one ever enquired about him. Like Tuffy, he was house broken, obedient and very good natured. Tuffy loved his new Buddy that we appropriately named "Buddy" and who now has a new home.

Sept 29/2002Aug 31/2003Sept 29/2002

We unsuccessfully tried to play fetch with Buddy and thought that perhaps he simply required more time to adjust to his new home. Eventually it became clear that Buddy had grown up under unusual circumstances and had simply never been taught how to fetch or simply play. The saying that it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks is true, but we are slowly making progress after first teaching Buddy what a doggy treat is. However, Buddy knows and respects that this is Tuffy's home that he has been invited to share. This makes playing fetch with Tuffy and Buddy difficult. Tuffy enjoys chasing balls, but not wanting to interfere with Tuffy's joy, Buddy will simply lie down and watch. Not until Tuffy is finally too tuckered to move or show any interest in playing ball any longer will Buddy even consider taking a turn.

Oct 20/01Oct 20/01
Does center photo not remind you of the evil wolf in Little Red Ridding Hood?


March 16, 2002

Buddy enjoys a good
roll in the snow.


April 16, 2002

Buddy is too large to ever be considered a lap dog. He never jumps up on furniture or beds and can not be coaxed to jump up and sit in your lap. But watch out if he detects the slightest sound of thunder as you will immediately find him in your lap and trembling with fear. His secret past seems to have included a lot of isolation during which he had to face the fright of bad electrical storms alone.


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