from local High School

The zoo population count was at 7 (2 Guinea Pigs, 1 Rabbit, 1 Dog, 2 Birds and 1 Hedgehog) when a large number of animals needed to be rescued from my daughter's old high school "Critter Room" being shut down to make way for renovations. The lady responsible for the critters was adamant
that they go to proper homes and invited my wife, daughter and a few other selected individuals to
an interview at the school for selection as suitable adoptive parents. Knowing she would be unable
to bring all the animals home, my daughter limited herself to 4 Guinea Pigs and 1 Rabbit. A few days later my wife returned to the school and brought home 2 Love Birds raising the zoo population to 14.
(6 Guinea Pigs, 2 Rabbits, 1 Dog, 4 Birds and 1 Hedgehog)

My wife and daughter said I should consider myself lucky that they didn't also bring home 3 Doves, several Corn Snakes, a Tarantula, an Iguana, a Tortoise, a Miniature Goat, several White Mice and
a family of Ferrets that were available.

( The number and type of animals my wife and daughter selected was more likely due
to cage sizes and cargo space available in my wife's' little car than with their self control! )


2 Love Birds


Leo 1 Rabbit


Sugar 4 Guinea Pigs